„The leave is a break that scares me, since I’ve been working for seven years so passionately that I don’t think I need a rest.” This was the beginning of my discussion with Mr. Vlad Lechinţan, general manager at RONTRANSMAR.”



“My office is on top of the service, and that is where i usually spend my time. I don’t know how time flies, and the week ends Saturday at noon when the last trailers arrive, and starts Sunday afternoon when we prepare trailers for a new transport.”

Vlad Lechinţan, general manager at RonTransMar

I met Mr. Lechinţan at the company Faymonville headquarters in the city Krone Bullingen – Belgium. He was very happy because he had just received from the manufacturer a megamax Dual Axis semitrailer. In fact, his special transport fleet already includes three MegaMax semitrailers, but it had a special meaning, beyond the pragmatic side: it was the first structure of this series produced by Schmitz, more than two years now. A true hea dof series, that for the owner of the company RONTRANSMAR is more than a means of transportation, it is a collection vehicle.

If for some, a business is a good way to earn money, for Mr Lechinţan it is a way of life. Beyond the desire to have the best trucks and trailers in the fleet, the pride of having the best cars blends with the respect to the customers. Thus, among his tractors, there is the first 730 CP Scania truck in Romania. I asked if he could buy a secondhand truck in good condition or a smaller truck, and I received an answer emblematic for his business: “My clients trust me, they know their merchandise is in good hands and I can not disappoint them, so I can not provide them with just anything. I respect them and offer them the best. “

Faymonville – among the best

Everything for the customer
Traditional customers actually form the basis of any major business: “A happy customer that receives the best services will continue to work with you, even if prices are not the lowest on the market. Quality comes first, then prices “. And this entails a fleet in perfect working order, but also carefully made purchases, a trailer able to carry any type of cargo over any distance.

The latest RONTRANSMAR acquisition is a Megamax trailer with deep platform and the new system “Twin Axle II” with independent suspension. A configuration perfect for international transport and corresponding in particular to German legislative provisions; each rear axis can be loaded up to 12 tonnes. Mr Lechinţan argues simply why he bought it and why he is interested in further buying MegaMax: “If you go down to maximum low, the floor can carry farming equipment with heights up to 4.15 meters; this type of transport has a high demand in Germany, and other countries, especially in summer. ” Faymonville began known in recent years on the European market because of the innovations that have made the Belgian manufacturer’s trailers to meet the requirements of major international carriers. Thus, the principle of independent extended suspension, introduced two years ago by Faymonville, launched under the technical name “Twin Axle II” – has become one of the top manufacturers in the preferences of carriers. System reliability was tested over 50,000 kilometers, and it is subject to a comprehensive program of tests. Currently, the Belgian manufacturer delivers increasingly more deep or semi flatbed semi-trailers with the “Twin Axle II” independent suspension.