Rontransmar is your specialist in the transport and handling of oversized goods.

We find solutions to BIG problems!

Our experience and professionalism are at your disposal when you think things get complicated to transport. We find solutions every day.
Our core principles are safety and punctuality.
Besides drivers and mechanics with experience, Rontransmar also has a qualified personnel to ensure the relationships with our clients. This ensures a better communication, that leads to a better understanding of our customers’ needs.
The Rontransmar dispetcher team ensures a permanent contact with the ones who carry your goods. This leads to a more exact planning of delivery times.
The uniqueness of your goods is not a difficuty for Rontransmar. We always have the right truck for your goods.
With a new and modern fleet, we can offer flexible transport solutions anytime, so that yoyr goods can reach destination in no time.
Rontransmar is your specialist in oversized transportation!

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Our turnover is over 4 million euro annually


We put at your disposaal 5000 sqm for storage


Special machinery for complex transport


Team made out of over 120 specialists in oversize transport

Oversized transport

287,000 tons carried